Solid Mauve Romper

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You may want to sit down for this. What did you say about that Romper?

Ladies. Ok. First off, this romper is absolutely stunning.  The combination of the pink color and the loose fitted look make it oh so feminine and classy, don't ya think?  Next, and equally as important as it's cute looks....(maybe more, you be the judge, and report back)....this literally slides off an on so stinkin' easy!  That looseness that was mentioned above is both aesthetically pleasing and function. So yes, we definitely need that romper we can wear out on those fall nights, yet not worry about any hassle during your restroom breaks.

Solid Mauve Romper. Look beautiful in this long sleeved romper.  Deep overlapping v-neck for a feminine look, but still super classy. Elastic waist band for a comfortable fit. Shorts are loose and flowy, very comfortable.

  • True to size fit, with plenty of room for comfort
  • elastic waist band
  • flowy bell sleeves
  • overlaping v neck

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